A Unicorn and an Old Car

I apologize for the delay. I would like to say that a Unicorn came in to my home and used his magnetic hooves to take my keyboard. But that would be a lie, because my keyboard is aluminum and has no magnetic properties. Truth be told, I have a sick child and if I have not been at work I have been here trying to take care of him. Family comes before blog. But with out further to do here is my short yet, sweet blog.


Tucked away in an old barn sits an old white car, a post seems to aid in the framing of this image breaking up the solid darkness. The hand of time has not been to gracious to this automobile. Circular headlights look at me giving this car a personality of it it’s own. My medium format camera seems to share the stories of humanity and this car almost seems to say “they don’t make us like they used to. Ain’t no school like the old school.”


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