Thaw Before Eating

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.20.50 PM

Gathering inspiration from photographers in our past, one of the well known photographers is Irving Penn. His knowledge of shapes and subject matter was astonishing. His first image that I ever saw was “Frozen Food with String Beans” 1977, this image blew me away, so when the assignment was given to photograph fruit, I tried my own rendition of Irving’s amazing image.

Who was Irving Penn you ask? He was a photographer in the modernism period. Reflecting himself, his work was very broad and unique. Well known for his still life work, his images caused one to really think about what we consider “normal” or “strange” in a somewhat humorous way and made the viewer think through the many labels we give things (ex. Image with Rhino Mouse shot in 1991.) We as photographers should strive to be like Penn and be bold with our imagery.


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