The Motel Blues

Motel Blues

Myrtle Beach, SC

The sun rises on the streets casting shadows on my hopes of capturing an image during this “Golden Hour.” Construction workers, and early morning joggers stare at me as I wonder the streets of this very popular American vacation spot. Here at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina it usually is not hard to find action, but that is generally at night. The problem is that it is not night it is early in the morning. I struggle to find something that will please my need for good composition, going past streets and alleyways with nothing. The idea of giving up creeps in the back of my mind as my stomach growls for breakfast. However, the thought of returning with no image would make this small trip insignificant, I had to photograph something. The next alley caught my eye, a two-story motel with interesting designed passages similar to a Middle Eastern architecture. Its concrete walls and columns, vivid with blue and white, hinted to Mediterranean influence. Looking at this structure straight on I could see the final image in my head (or as David duChemin would say, the “vision.”) I would get as close as I could to filling the frame with this beautiful structure and in post crop it down to the first floor only. Three days later I sit at my computer re-thinking the original composition and the crop that I had in mind. After sometime of staring at it I decide to include the second floor, and like a flower, the image blossomed. The first floor is nice, but for me it was too dark and too much weight with color, if that’s possible. With the second floor it gives the image context and plus I am a sucker for patterns. This is why it is important to have time away from when the image captured and post work. Having time in between, allows the photographer to separate themselves from their preconceived ideas, “calm” down, and have an open mind.

My original

My original idea


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