The Windy City

This image resonates with me a great deal. To me, this photograph captures the Chicago that no one remembers; yet it is the most telling. A quiet train station is a welcoming site after being on the busy streets of the “Windy City” Chicago, Illinois. The old dilapidated wood creeks as we walk across the platform that appears to have had better days. The sounds of car horns and vehicles going through streets rise with the wind. A pigeon flies by and roosts on the steel bridge that runs horizontally with the train tracks. It’s rusted steel beams, and paint chipping off, shows how life intersects in so many ways here in this heavy populated city. Brick buildings run alongside the track, their staircases run up the back of the building in the form of a maze. The cloudy day casts diffused light beautifully on the train track. Hard highlights reflect off the tracks allowing one to see the tracks as far as the eye can see; almost as if to show that life still goes on inside the cramped city life.


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