Leaf Me Alone

Walking home from work, the sun hammering me like a miserable nail. On the concrete a dead leaf lay at my feet looking like my future in this heat. Shriveled and decade from the scorching June temperature. I decided to bring it in from the heat and photograph it. My main light source was one single desk lamp diffused by wax paper taped to a coat hanger and a white poster board to bounce some light in for fill. I really wanted to capture the texture of the leaf, in order to achieve this I lit it from the side. I tried both white and black backgrounds but I thought the black did an excellent job isolating the leaf. My assistant was a Leaf 3pair of needle nose pliers that held the leaf still for me. The problem that I encountered was that the depth of field was so shallow and the leaf was not flat. Trying to have the whole leaf in focus with a 60 mm macro lens was impossible, even at f/22. However, one frame in particular spoke to my child spirit, in a white scene stands a single leaf that resembles a tree. Leaf 2The image looked like a page out of a book that I used to read as a kid, “Kipper.” White pages with minimal color and scenery made for great adventures for any child reader. This blog post was intended to be like the leaf, transparent. I did not use any fancy equipment to photograph this single leaf likewise the images that came from it were as simple as the set up. The moral of this story is, keep it simple.

This blog was actually written for my wife. She really liked these photographs. She is the back bone of this blog. Every post is proof read by her. She is fantastic and I love her dearly!


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