I’m back!

le (1 of 1)Jim Richardson, a National Geographic photographer, did an assignment called Death of Night, on light pollution and its effects. This project caught my interest, for the first time as a young teen I saw the true basis of photography. Recording light is all photography has been and it will continue to be. For school I was assigned a project to capture motion. This assignment allowed me to explore this and have an amusing time with it.

The scene I chose was one that I knew would contain the light fairly well and the ambient light would stay relatively the same. This bridge, and its columns sandwich the movement, while framing the vehicle’s motion. To me, this scene acts as a camera, containing the light and the car’s lights act like the light rays that pass through a lens to the film or sensor.

When this assignment presented the opportunity to be creative, I thought it would be fun not to do the typical running that we had been assigned to do prior. I decided to photograph cars at night. This presented a few challenges. First was that I could not meter moving vehicles. To solve this problem I figured out my ambient exposure at ISO 6400 which gave me 10 seconds at f/8. After that I dialed down to ISO 100 and then increased the time to ten minutes.

In conclusion, I had an enjoyable experience discovering the concept of capturing motion. Taking the risk of capturing moving light sources at night allowed me to find confidence in my knowledge of capturing light. Chasing light is the name of the game and I feel like I did exactly that while showing motion and having an aesthetically pleasing composition.


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