Hello Old Friend

Hello old friend,

I regret it has been quite some time since we have last spoken. Since this is a one sided dialogue like a telephone with the cord unplugged, I guess I will do all the talking. Well, it is the twenty-first of March, one day following the first day of spring. Which brings in spring break for this college student. One might think that it is relaxing, however, if one adds children to the equation one can find that the sum of the problem multiplies, greatly.Troy (4 of 5) No, my sons are not problems; nonetheless, rest is not in their vocabulary, though, small in size it maybe. I do love my Nathaniel_9mnt (1 of 1)boys, Troy is now two years and six months old and Nathaniel is eleven months and knocking on twelve’s door. Stress appears to be the motif of my being and relief seems to be a fantasy out of a fictional novel. Do not misunderstand me, I am not cantankerous about the condition that I find for myself in, though, this is the very reason that the blog has fallen by the wayside. I do love to write and photograph, nevertheless, when the sun has set and my friend, the moon, illuminates the night, I still have a family to provide for.

“One might think that it is relaxing, however, if one adds children to the equation one can find that the sum of the problem multiplies, greatly”

I did not want to write lest I had pictures to share. I am delighted to tell you about a project I was given for college. We have integrated in to the digital realm of photography. Silver halides have been exchanged for pixels and film grain has been substituted by resolution. Though, the principal’s analogue photography still holds true in the digital state. As a photographer one first must understand Digital Asset Managing, likewise, as a photography student I was given the assignment of photographing around the campus. In doing so capture images of icons that properly represent Randolph Community College. After accomplishing this we had to tag and rate our top images. Here are the three images that I think best describe RCC.

Again I am sorry it has been so lengthy since the last post. However, I hope it will not be so long before the next piece but I am afraid it will be, if not, longer. This semester still has a remaining eight weeks and then shortly after the summer semester initiates into full swing. I hope you have enjoyed my rant and I have confidence in the fact that you will stick around for the journey to come.

Tyler Brock


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