An Evening with Ansel Adams

As an end of the semester celebration, my wife and I went and saw the magnificent work of Ansel Adams on display at the Reynolda House. I have read numerous pieces and watched countless documentaries on Ansel Adams, but nothing can compare to his amazing images. In his photographs time appears to stand still, though, waterfalls seem to be in motion; depth of focus is as far as the eye can see, (this was due to the fact that he shot at outrageous apertures, like, f/64) and the contrast as bold as Ansel Adam’s personality. Yes, this date with my lovely wife was a fantastic one, almost as if Ansel Adams was there with us, as the third wheel on our date, though, not an awkward third wheel. “The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance. Each performance differs in subtle ways” with every image I looked at I could hear the music and it was as glorious as the expanse of the wilderness that Ansel Adams photographed.

After an exciting time looking at the photographs we walked around the estate. This home, built in 1911, with authentic furniture and artwork throughout the amazing home brought to life what a person might have seen in the early 1900’s. However, the garden is where I started photographing. At the front and center sat an elegant Victorian Greenhouse, cactuses taking over the interior making it nearly impossible to see inside. The courtyard with perfectly even rows of mowed grass aligned with evergreen trees. Gazeboes in the back with plants hiding their secrets, a drama unfolded atop its ivy roof, a Brown Thrasher bird and a Mocking bird doubled up and tried to scare off a sunning Eastern Black Rat snake.

At the end of it I was grateful that we took time away from the kids for an evening with Ansel Adams and the Reynolda family.



  1. I knew Tyler, has a great way with pictures and now I am even more amazed at his words. It is with great anticipation I look forward to his future endeavors.

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