Spending time with Family

While on my short but much-needed summer break from classes I have been trying to spend time with family and friends I haven’t been able to spend time with since I was heavily emerged in school. Yesterday my wife, my two boys and I went to go see my grandparents. Upon arrival, my granddad (Lamar) set the stage on their back porch for a Hummingbirds_07_28_16_2display of bird behavior that in order to capture it in its true essence, one needs a flash and a faster shutter. Hanging atop of the roof were hummingbird feeders and before too long like miniature fighter jets the fast energetic birds came zooming in and began to drink up the sweet “nectar” that my grandparents had provided for them. Trying to focus on a little tiny bird less than 4 inches in length was nearly impossible, plus not to mention I wanted to freeze its wings that beat at 10-15 times per seconds. However, I did succeed and the results were pretty good. Grandad_Garden_07_28_16
Later, after an excellent lunch, of oven fried chicken, green beans, and potatoes prepared by my me-maw (Shelby,) my granddad and my wife went out to the garden to take some photographs of him. Using a soft box that I made out of matt-board I used it balance and overpower the ambient light and make some dramatic lighting patterns. Overall I was pleased with the results and plan to use this type of lighting for many other things.


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