It’s a “Ruff” Life

While on vacation I woke up several times before the sun did. At this time there was usually no one around except for the patrol(s) that kept the island safe while everyone enjoyed their “holiday.” The reason for my madness was because of the good advice that David duChemin gave in his book “Within The Frame The Journey of Photographic Vision” he suggested that the best times to photograph in the morning was from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM, I couldn’t agree more. At this time I would photograph the stars and the Milky Way because it seemed the brightest at 4:00 AM. Though, after about two hours I would begin to get bored and hop on the golf cart like so many would drive around the island. One particular morning a man with a Dalmatian passed me on his golf cart, the dog sat there so calm, unlike any Dalmatian I have seen. I kept on driving thinking nothing of it, but after contemplating it I, again, talked myself into it. I did a U-turn and chased the man down, did not help that his cart was faster than mine. Finally, I caught up with him, the man’s complexion reminded me of Jeff Bridges, the actor, and his dog, Chloe, was sweet, curious but shy about the device that I held up to my eye. I used a softbox to throw a little light on the front of the golf cart to give a since of sunlight but again, careful not to overpower the ambient light. I really liked how the light was soft, yet, directional. Creating depth was what it is all about and the shadows help give the depth yet the softness does the same to the mood of the image, creating a soft mood. The next day I found Zoey and did the same thing in the regards of lighting, however, I got down slightly lower than this schnauzers eye level. The common thing I did with each photograph was that I kept a connection between dog and master. With that connection, it gave the image a story I believe showing the age old story of “man’s best friend.”



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