Going Out With a Bang (Lightning)

Lightning, one of the forces of nature that can light up your life and if you not careful it can take your life in all the same. A single bolt of lightning can contain millions of volts and reach temperatures of 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit (2,000 C.) While at the beach, storms accompanied us on a few occasions. One, in particular, I went to my favorite place, for crabbing a pier at the end of the island, to capture the storm. After pulling into the parking lot a patrol came and told me that the pier was closed. After this he inquired the question what was I doing out at 12:00 AM, I told him I wanted to photograph the storm that was rolling in. “You need to go to the ocean point the lightning usually really looks cool there, ” said the patrol. On my way driving to the location I told myself he probably does not know what he is talking about. Upon my arrival, nothing was happening and this remained to be the same case for 2 hours. However, when I was thinking about leaving but then a gust of wind blew in and 2 storm cells came together and the displays of lightning were beautiful. The following night I had more luck and got 3 cloud to ground bolts in one frame, it was AMAZING!




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