I have been struggling on how to present my photographs from Charlotte as a whole. Have you ever been in a situation where it is life-threatening to pick a side and your opinion really isn’t that relevant at that moment or that important? That’s how I felt Wednesday night, while on the streets of Charlotte. What started out as the peaceful protest quickly erupted into a riot. And many times I was confronted by rioters on my left and officers on my right. At the moment I was not about to voice my opinion on who was right and who was wrong, in fact most of the night I did not say anything. Because if I had picked the side of the police officers and spoken a kind word to them while hatred was being thrown at them I probably would have gotten beat up by the rioters. On the other hand, if I would have picked the side, the rioters there’s a possibility that I could have been arrested. At that moment in time, my opinion was not relevant all I could do was use my camera as my voice by pointing it in the directions and shoot whatever I thought needed to be shot. Just like speaking or just like a Blog or any kind of form of someone voicing their opinion someone can choose to ignore it and someone can choose to fight back or even agree with it. My purpose of photography is for me to present an idea, my views through a lens and for you to choose whose side you are on. Many people are saying that there is a lot of grey areas. Well, I’m sorry but from what I saw on Wednesday night there is no gray area one group was right and one group was wrong. Not because of race but because of morals in the situation was, in fact, black and white. Nevertheless, I was presented with the question of how I am going to present my photographs. Many have already seen my pictures online already. But I wanted to present them in a different way. In photography, black and white is the best way to present the photograph in a neutral form. Subtracting all the color allows you the viewer to make their own assumptions without colors altering their mood. So, you choose! 

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