Shadow Boxing

Had one of the coolest experiences. Tucked away in downtown Greensboro is a boxing academy, Greater Greensboro Boxing Academy. For school, we were giving the assignment to do “Sportraits” a portrait of an athlete. I had so much fun; I have always wanted to do a shoot like this. I used to Profoto B1s to do, well what they do best, light shaping.

For the portrait at the punching bag, I used 2/3 softbox with a soft grid on the front for my main with a Profoto with no modifier as a fill.


The portraits in the chair were done with 2 Profoto light with no modifiers and at same power, same distance from the subject. Placed both of them as semi backlit and semi side lit, 2:00 and 10:00.


Big thank you to the Greater Greensboro Boxing Academy and to Ty Robbinson, Anthony Jackson, Gary Harris, and Jermaine Marrero for allowing me to photograph them.


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