Please Help


Dear Family and Friends,

I hope all is well with you and your family. I am writing to you requesting your help. I do not know if you have noticed yet or not but I am in photography school at Randolph Community College completing my senior year in photojournalism. Among the rigors of a highly demanding class schedule, one is also expected to take two internships in order to graduate. Internships can be whatever and wherever the student wishes, within reason. If you know me at all you will know that I love to travel, you will also know humanitarian, faith-based, and NGO is where I plan to use my photographic eye. That being said, I chose for the bulk of my internships to be international. With these internships, it will allow me to get the experience that I wish to have while also filling my portfolio with desired work that will lead to desired jobs. At this point, you are probably asking where am I going?

Ever since the age of thirteen Europe and Africa have fascinated me. During a mission trip to Albania I fell in love with travel for the first time. Different cultures captivate me with the sights, the sounds, and sometimes the food; however, European and African civilizations are so different from our Western civilizations, which is often times what draws us in. This is why I chose Morocco. On the North Western shoulder of Africa sits a country that is bold in color and Arabic at heart. With very ornate construction, especially with their unique doors and gateways. Here, I will intern with Moroccan World News where I will learn to further my photojournalism education. For the entire trip, which will take over the course of four weeks, I would like to raise $3,000. This will cover airfare, food, housing and transportation while in Morocco. However, I know the question on everyone’s mind, what about Samantha and the boys.

A lot of you know my sister-in-law Dawn Vandelden. She is in Canada and has been working alongside her husband Steven in a ministry that works with the Aboriginals called DayStar. Well, lately she has been busy carrying their first child that has yet made his/her appearance. Which brings me to my wife and children, ever since we found out that Dawn was pregnant, Samantha, my wife, has wanted to go be with her sister when she has the baby. So, during my time in Morocco she and my other sister-in-law Miranda Canipe are going to drive up to Canada to be with Dawn. Than at the end of my time in Morocco, I will take a flight from Morocco to Canada to meet up with Samantha and the boys. Here in Canada my final internship will start.

My final internship will be with DayStar ministry. In this Aboriginal reserve I will help in gathering various media (photos, video, and audio.) While also organizing it and helping the DayStar staff finding the best workflow in terms of file management. Later, we will find the best platforms, such as social media to utilize the best promoting process. Last but not least, I will be teaching an introduction course to photography to the participants at DayStar. All this will take place during my two-month summer internship. In order to do this internship/ministry I am looking to raise $4,000 this will cover everything: transportation, food, and housing for my family and I.

In attempts to make this most comprehensive “one-page” letter I would like to just plead with you. We as a family have been praying and contemplating God’s will in all this, and every time we keep coming back to this “road map” of Morocco and Canada. In the past, when we have felt this convicted about God’s will, He has provided more over than what we needed. We feel and know that God is making His will known to us in this step of life and we trust Him to provide. Yes, in this letter we are asking for money and we understand some cannot give, but those who can we would like to thank you in advance, and for those who cannot support us financially, we always need support Spiritually. Prayer Warriors Please pray for us to be a blessing to everyone around us, and point everyone to our Heavenly Father. Thank You.

If you wish to give I have made two ways available. For Morocco, you can go to this link Help Send Tyler to Morocco


If you wish to give to the Canada internship, there is an account set up at our church, Cross Road Baptist Church. Please make any checks out to Cross Road Baptist Church and in the memo address it to “Tyler and Samantha Brock DayStar fund.” Here is the Address:

1566 Old Cox Rd.

Asheboro, NC 27205

Thank you so much for taking the time to read over our letter. I hope you will consider in help funding my internships.


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